Newell Sailing Club

Important Please read EID Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program below.

EID Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program

In 2018, the Eastern Irrigation District initiated an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program. All boaters wishing to access EID reservoirs must follow approved prevention procedures and complete a watercraft information form stating they will not knowingly spread aquatic invasive species. As part of the program, trailered watercraft must only be launched from approved boat launches and boaters must check in with the campground, marina, or EID office before launching. Canoes, kayaks, and other non-trailered watercraft may continue to be launched at random locations, but the boaters are still required to check in with the campground, marina, or EID office prior to launching. During the week, boaters can go to the EID office, Lake Newell Resort Marina, Rolling Hills Campground, or Crawling Valley Campground to fill out a watercraft registration form.

Please clean, drain and dry your watercraft before moving to a new waterbody and do not release garden plants or pets into the wild.

Remember-We enjoy the privilege, not the right of access to Lake Newell. Lake Newell, an irrigation reservoir, is owned by the EID (Eastern Irrigation District)

For membership consideration.

If you are a 2020 member with a sailboat stored at the club over the winter or are renting a locker your dues for 2021 are due by March 31st 2021.

New and Renewing Members must fill out a new form and email or mail in or give to the club treasurer or Secretary.

2021 Event Dates

April 24th Club Preparation For Season

backup weather date May 1st

Prairie Wind Regatta July 10th & 11th

Fall Clean-up and Winter-Prep Oct 2nd

backup weather date Oct 16th

Other event dates to be posted at a later date

Please participate and practice safe distancing and other anti-virus protocols.

The club will follow the current Provincial guidelines in light of the Covid 19 health crisis.

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