Windsurfing Program

Contact person: Roger Bouchard for information on this years program. Contact us closer to the season start in May. We can help you get started to a beginner level and from then on you decide if you want to continue. There are youtube videos on learning how to windsurf that are very good to watch. There is a small fee for equipment useage of $25 per session or $100 per season for 4 or more sessions. The learning equipment is easy to use and fairly forgiving. A wetsuit is optional but wearing a life jacket is mandatory. Water shoes also are a good idea. Old sneakers can work as water shoes too. There is also a form to fill out before starting.

The easy to learn on sailboard Bic Beach 185 liter board is combined with small training rigs to enable the novice to quickly gain confidence and learn to sail the board in a very short time. A small fee is required to participate and this program is open to everyone but may be best for people over the age of 12. For those returning to this year's windsurfing program the focus will be to enhance those skills learned at last year's program. Kayaks are offered for use when there is not enough wind to windsurf. We now have a 4.4 square meter sail rig and a 5.5 square meter sail rig for training purposes. These are small enough to easily uphaul out of the water. The Bic Beach board is fairly wide with a soft deck so is beginner friendly.

Check our buy sell page for available for purchase good used windsurf equipment.

Good ice conditions happen on Lake Newell on occasion. Ice boats, ice boards/windsurf rigs, ski boards/windsurf rigs have been tried/used over the years. The video above shot on Jan 17 2021 was especially good ice conditions. It happens so be prepared to take advantage. Practice safe sailing on hard water whatever the form it takes for you!