News & Events

Fall work included improvements to the boat ramp to make it safer. It will still be slippery so be careful. A new executive has been installed. Look forward to seeing some new faces. We possibly will have the Jan 1st 2022 social if the health initiatives work out.

September and October

General sailing kayaking and windsurfing activities through the month of September. October fall preparation and AGM date on Oct 2nd saw a good number of members attend and the club is ready for the winter season. An outside meeting took place and a few members took their boats home. An executive meeting is planned for early November to determine executive positions and plan club improvements. If you plan to continue your on the water activities be weather vigilant and advise others of your plans.

Aug 2021 Highlights

The Corncob Regatta was held on Aug 21. Upwards of 10 or 11 boats got on the water over the day before a late afternoon rain came over. A couple of marks were set out for those who wanted to do some up, wind down wind practice. This was a loosely planned event with no purpose other than to get people together for some sailing and socializing. Corn was barbecued and available and it was good! Overall a surprisingly well attended sailing social. Everyone gathered in the veranda or the hall for an evening meal and social. With a warm fire burning it was cozy and fun to get together again like we all used to do. Hopefully the health crisis is soon behind us.

The SeaSpray weekend on Aug 7 & 8 had eight or nine SeaSprays out for a bit of sailing and practice. An up/down short course was set and rabbit starts helped keep everyone involved. We managed to sail both days however part of Sat. afternoon got too windy.

Lots of members using the club this month. Come out and enjoy the summer time winds and warm weather.

July 2021 Highlights

The annual Prairie Wind Regatta is over for this year. Partial results of the 60 boat event posted on the regatta page. Thanks to all who helped to put on this event.

There has been a fair number of warm and breezy days so far this month. Plan to get out and sail, windsurf or kayak as often as you can.

June 2021 Highlights

Wednesdays have been active especially if it's windy. With the warmer weather here now plan on getting out and windsurf, sail or kayak. Darren has been posting some windsurfing video on You tube lately as well so check it out. Early June has been unseasonably warm so lots more activity at the club. New screens on the hall veranda have been installed. Thanks to Richard, Greg, Chuck and Mat for your efforts. I had a quick look and they look great. Darren W. has acquired a SeaSpray to enlarge our Seaspray fleet by another boat. Darren is an avid windsurfer too. Hamish and Francis have been visitors to the club a couple of times now as well as Mat O. Our push mower was running very slowly as noticed by Darvel and Mat but apparently checking the air filter is a necessary routine as it was found to be almost completely plugged by plant material. After cleaning it out the mower runs perfectly. Time to get your boat/board/kayak out on the water NSC members. Hope to see you out soon. Also the health protocols are starting to loosen up and we are seeing a few more members out especially on Sundays. Come out and get some visiting in.

May 2021 Highlights

So far May has been a little bit inclement weather wise so not a lot of activity but a few boats have been on the water and a bit of windsurfing too. Grass got cut late May.

May 1st Club Preparation.

An enthusiastic group of NSC members came out to get the club facility spiffed up for the upcoming season. Although I didn't get any pictures our grounds are starting to look pretty good again with a bit of greening up just starting. Many things were completed including a drainage swale that will help to drain low areas around the garage. This area was seeded as well so will be hoping for some rain. A very big thank you to all the members who came out and pitched in. Every kind or effort by our members will benefit us all.

Now that our season is starting be careful on the water as it is still very cold. Have a safety plan in case anything goes wrong.

The lake draw down this season due to an EID project allowed some much needed repairs to the boat launch. There is now no drop off at the end and sides. This should allow easier launching when the winds are from the NW as well as help to prevent injuries. The ramp will still be slippery so be aware and be careful.