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Virus Covid 19

posted Jun 7, 2020, 10:22 AM by Web Master

While we reopen the Newell Sailing Club, we need everyone's cooperation to ensure the safety of our members and to stop the spread of COVID -19. As government restrictions ease, changes will be made at the club as well.

  • Until further notice, all buildings at the club are closed, including the members shed and washrooms. With the requirements for frequent and enhanced cleaning of any communal spaces or high touch areas, having these open is not feasible in a volunteer run club. Washrooms will be open in the park.

  • The grounds are open but physical distancing of 2 meters between non-family members must be maintained.

  • Please use only your own equipment at this time.

  • Come prepared with your own water/ drinks, snacks/food, dishes and lawn chairs.

  • Carry your own hand sanitizer and use it before and after touching any common surfaces.

  • Pack out what you bring in (garbage and recyclables).

  • Follow all provincial guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.