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Seaspray sailing over the weekend

posted Jun 17, 2019, 7:41 AM by Web Master
Four of the club's Sea Spray owners got out for some good winds sailing over the weekend.  With the season underway it's time to get out on the water.  Summer doesn't last forever so don't delay.  Many of the club's Sea Spray owners have modified their boats to a more current form.  Boom end main sheet systems and through hull rudder blade downhauls and other modifications have made the boat much nicer to sail.  Excess weight and items that are not necessary are discarded in order to get the boat weight down.  This makes the boat livelier on the water.  It is a fairly easy boat to right from a capsize provided you have sealed the mast properly and have a little bit of coaching on how to right the boat.  Launching dollies also help for man handling the boat into and out of the water.  The Sea Spray catamaran is popular at the club with around a dozen boats.  If you are considering getting involved in sailing you might consider looking for one of these popular small catamarans.  There are generally a number of them for sale on Kijiji and occasionally they come up for sale locally as well.  Check your facebook buy/sell groups as well for leads.  We also post sailing club members ads for watercraft on the club's website.