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NSC Exec Meeting Minutes Dec 4th 2015

posted Dec 9, 2015, 1:24 PM by Web Master

NSC Executive meeting Dec 04/15

Members present; Dave Mills, Don Snell, Richard Braul, John Cormack, Larry Van Pypen


Item #1: Membership fees. Is $275 too high? Eliminate the rebate program would simplify things a great deal. Executive positions to be tied to a specific job with lower membership fee. 

There were 26 paid memberships in 2015. We all felt the need to increase membership numbers and thought lowering the fees would help. The exec came up with the following;

Basic membership $150

Locker rentals $150

Boat storage $50 Save front sites for larger trailered boats

Executive memberships $100 Tied to specific jobs as follows:



Maintain website

Sailing programs

Maintenance/ repairs

Sailboard program

There would be no more rebate program due to the lower fees but would like to remind members that organizations like ours run on volunteer help.

Motion to forward to the AGM made by Larry, seconded by Richard carried.

Item #2: Lawnmower repair or replacement. The old sit on mower is in need of major repairs. Should the club replace this with a used or new machine? Dave has talked to the Parks who are in the process of replacing some of their mowers. The park would donate use of their 60” zero turn Toro mower in return for the club storing and maintaining same. We felt the best place to store the Toro would be in the lean to on the back of the garage. 

Motion was made by Don to accept this offer ( choice of actual mower pending), seconded by Larry motion carried.

Item #3 Membership storage options, is there room for more cargo trailers? Should we add Storage lockers to the boat racks for spars and foils?

Richard will talk with Mike Sonnie to figure out some sort of locker that will be big enough for at least the spars and foils for Lasers. 

Item #4 Upcoming Regatta and San Juan 21 North Americans. John has been in communications with the San Juan Organization, who suggest there may be as many as 30 boats and crews enter. They would supply their own race committee and signal and marks boats. The San Juan regatta would run Friday thru Sunday with some crews showing up on Thursday. 30 crews and the race committee could add up to as much as 100 people. They are asking who to contact for catering. The NSC club exec feels this many extra people would be too much for our volunteers and our kitchen facilities and agree the San Juans need outside catering. 

Part of the deal with hosting the San Juan North American Regatta would be for the NSC club to pick up and transfer two 25' long floating docks from Glenmore reservoir/club for San Juan usage for this regatta. These docks would then become the property of the club. We discussed renting a trailer and the use of a picker or backhoe to load and unload the docks. Approximate replacement value of the docks may run as high as $5000 so the exec felt it worthwhile to do.

Item #5. Landscaping and grass north of the lean to. In the spring the club would look at picking up a load or 2 of compost from the Newell Recycling assoc. to be spread and worked in to help tghe grass to grow. There would be a $25 charge to have the NRA load a flat deck trailer.

Item #6. Garage keys. We need to restrict the garage keys to control the responsible usage and access to club equipment. The club has a sizable investment in the boats and motors that needs to be protected.

Item #7. Dave brought up that the Park is planning a marina in the bay by the boat launch which most likely would affect the NSC . There is apparently a budget of $1.4 million for this project. Larry will try to contact the Park to find out the scope and plans for this marina.

Motion to adjourn made by Don seconded by Larry.

Meeting adjourned.