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Fall cleanup, AGM and partial synopsis of the sailing season.

posted Oct 4, 2020, 9:16 AM by Commodore NSC   [ updated Oct 4, 2020, 9:17 AM ]
A good contingent of members showed up to participate in the fall clean-up and Annual General Meeting.  The grounds are clipped nice and short for the winter and trashy areas are cleaned up.  The fleet captain recommends putting your boat back on it's trailer and tying everything down securely especially if you are leaving your mast up over the winter.   A reminder to all members who have boats at the club with masts up; tie off to the side stays all ropes that are potential noise makers in a wind.  The campers have complained about this and if your boat is one of the noisemakers you are at risk of having your lines cut.  I wouldn't blame any of the campers for doing this as it is unnecessary, extremely careless and inconsiderate.

A number of weekend sailing clinics and a windsurfing Saturday were about the only activities that were well attended besides the open sailing weekend that coincided with the regular regatta weekend.  Since these weekend activities were popular it was suggested by the Fleet Captain to extend these weekend activities to the cruising fleet, the kayak fleet and all other sailboat fleet for the 2021 season.  General sailing by the members was up this year and the club was a more active and vibrant place.  Health restrictions had the effect of making Kinbrook Park a very busy place with unprecedented crowds using the day use areas and the campground fully booked for much of the summer.  Members had trouble getting camping spots.  The club may consider some policy changes in light of popularity of Lake Newell especially if the park continues to be so busy in the future.

The Byte sailboat restoration was pretty much completed late September and the club now has three good Byte sailboats with launching dollies ready to either sell or sail.  Perhaps next season the club might make them available to the general membership over a sailing weekend.

Some discussion and research into correcting the garage floor flooding problem is in discussion and planning.  A one morning session with a laser level identified a possible drain way that may be excavated this fall.  Properly done, the graded swale would channel melt and rain water away from the garage.  Other ideas like raising the garage are too expensive for the club to bear at the moment however once a plan is settled on the way to a solution will finally be at hand.