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Corn Cob Regatta Highlights

posted Aug 25, 2019, 7:58 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 30, 2019, 1:37 PM ]

Thanks to Amy Mills for organizing the Corn Cob t-shirts with the various models showing a few of the colours.  Other colours include, orange, red and a few others.  These are not year designated so you may see them again next year.

Morning race session had six participants for a couple of hours of practice starting and a short course race course.  May repeat this in the future.

The afternoon event open to all sailing club member non-powered boat craft happened on an almost windless sunny warm afternoon.  Five markers were placed in various places on the water north of the club.  Each marker had a letter written on it and competitors had to read the five letters to know the word to progress to the on shore crossword puzzle.  Winner of the race back to shore for the kayak fleet was Cindy Meers and Betty Van Pypen was the first of the kayak fleet to solve the crossword puzzle.  Richard Braul was the first of the sailors back to shore and also the first of the sailors to solve the crossword puzzle.  For their accomplishments a jar of Kieren's honey was a much appreciated prize.  In all there were 17 competitors which was easily the largest fleet we have had for this event.  As part of the sailing fleet, the fact the wind was not present for most of the two hours I spent on the water, getting back and then having to solve the crossword puzzle was a formidable challenge.  Even though some of the sailors were helped with a tow for part of the way, it was easily apparent that the craft to be in for this event was a kayak.  Remember, next year sailors, pray for wind.
After the challenge was over there was a lot of socializing and of course the potluck supper along with the corn, beef and refreshments provided by the sailing club.  All in all about 25 people were in attendance.  It was a lot of fun.