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Corncob Regatta

posted Aug 25, 2018, 9:06 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 26, 2018, 5:49 AM ]
It was busy when I arrived at the club at about 1pm for boat setup.  I was nearly last to get my boat ready.  In all there were eleven sailboats on the water and three kayaks.  Kieran and Amy Mills helped organize how the fun event would take place with there being two places to sail to, to recover ingredients for making a smoothie.  Yum.  In the end it didn't matter how good your choices were because a critical team of judges ruled out some excellent tasting smoothies and gave the nod to the father and daughter team of Thomas and Angelina Goral sailing their Solcat.  It was a change to see that a Kayak competitor didn't again win a sailing regatta.  Tied for second place were the team of Kieran Mills and Pierre Moskaluk and Betty VanPypen and Roger Bouchard.  Fourth place was again a tie with team Mike Sonnie and Don Snell and team Amy Mills and Sandy Moskaluk.  Sixth place went to team Richard Braul and Charles Reichart.  Cheering everyone on was Greg Cedarstrand in his Siren 17 along with his daughter and son in law.  After gathering their smoothie choices it seemed everyone stayed out sailing for another hour or so because the winds were so perfect.  I was testing out a Seaspray and really enjoyed the sailing conditions.  Afterwards a tasty potluck supper finished off the event.  Hot Taber Corn provided as well (it was tasty).  People stayed for a campfire before heading out.  Another great event and a good turnout.