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Club Fall Cleanup and Winter preparation

posted Oct 9, 2019, 8:43 AM by Web Master   [ updated Oct 9, 2019, 12:22 PM ]
A number of routine jobs including removing and storing the veranda screens, draining water lines, draining tanks and bathroom wash basins, cutting and trimming the grass, checking the outboard motors, placing wire fencing around shore line willows (to stop beavers removing trees), placing tree and leaf mulch on muddy areas, additional seeding of grass on the berm as well as holding the club's AGM.  Many members also prepped their boats for the off season or removed them from the club grounds.  After all this there was a superb potluck supper in a very warm and cozy hall.  
Our club is continuing to draw out our active members and it is a chance to get some visiting in and continue to improve our facility.  We are fortunate that so many of our members are willing to help out and be part of a vibrant active organization.  We have seen a general increase in on the water activities and our membership numbers are growing.  We provide a place to have your sailing equipment in a semi ready state and serve those members who take advantage of this facility and what it has to offer.  At the AGM it was the general feeling that our club is not a storage facility for those members who do not use their equipment or take part in the necessary volunteerism that this club depends on.