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Club acquires a new "marks" boat

posted Apr 19, 2019, 7:48 PM by Web Master
After a lot of looking and discussion John C. found an excellent Boston Whaler marks boat to replace the club's venerable "Tinnie".  Although the Tinnie was adequate for the "marks" job it was not a great people hauler when needed to transfer four or five people, being that it became overcrowded and possbily unsafe.  Considering the reputation of the Whaler and the fact many other clubs use them a decision was made to acquire one.  The club has a number of items that are up for sale to help offset the cost and hopefully in the near future we will be able to sell a lot of the items.  The "Tinnie" was worked on to get it to top shape and is in an attractive condition for a quick sale.  The new used Whaler will be an adequate roomy people hauler as well as an excellent quick marks placement boat.  It has a near new 90 hp motor and is 17' long as opposed to the 14' Tinnie.
 The "Tinnie" is for sale and available immediately for anyone wishing to acquire a great fishing, runabout boat.