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Building Maintenance Project 2017

posted Jun 9, 2017, 2:34 PM by Web Master   [ updated Jun 29, 2017, 9:07 PM ]
Thursday June 8th had 5 volunteers showing up.  We managed to clean up around 2 of the sheds as well as almost completing cleaning up around a 3rd shed.  The boat racks were relocated to a spot where maintenance will be less of a problem.  The goal is to make it easy to cut the grass around all the sheds and make them ready for metal sheathing.  Hopefully one more good turnout will have the job done.

Another work night is scheduled for next Thursday June 15th.  When the sheds are completed the dock enhancement is next on the list.  Re-attaching the dock will finish the dock and hopefully we will have this done before the regatta.  It shouldn't be a lot of work but will require four or five people.

June 15th evening saw 4 people help finish the clearing of the area around all the sheds.  Some trash needs to be removed and scrap wood sorted and burned.  All of the buildings are essentially ready for metal siding.

June 22 had a few people out to help spread the wood chips provided by the park as a result of the wind damage that occurred on the evening of June 8th when a storm front moved through the area.  The wood chips make it easier to walk on the ground as the areas where the wood chips are spread are prone to being muddy when wet.  They also help to retain moisture so that grass may eventually grow.  The garbage/refuse pile was taken away as well.  About a third of the wood chip pile was spread.

June 29 had about 7 people show up to help finish this project.  The club grounds look very neat and tidy, grass all cut.  Junk removed, Sidwalk blocks placed.  Tires arranged North of the rental sheds.  Thanks to all the people who helped to clean up the clubs grounds.