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Building, garage and sheds maintenance 2017

posted May 24, 2017, 6:39 PM by Web Master
Work bee for May 24th cancelled due to inclement weather.

 Concerning club building maintenance/upgrades.  We would like to either paint or prep the wood and rental locker sheds for metal siding.  Our first work bee is planned for Wednesady May 24th  starting at 6:30PM to clear an area around all the sheds so this work can be done.
 We're not sure if these buildings will stand being moved so perhaps a little planning and effort could make it easier to maintain the grounds around them all.  The small boat racks are in the way and would need to be moved. 

 Maybe the next few Wednesday nights or perhaps a Saturday  in the near future would work to get them prepared. 
Please come out and help out if you can. Have supper at the club ( check out our new picnic tables) and pitch in after!
See you there!!

****Important note**The Club is rented out to a family for a Memorial on  Saturday May 27th. Please give these people privacy. Thank you.**