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2014 AGM

posted May 3, 2014, 6:57 AM by Web Master

Jan 2014 Newell Sailing Club News

Our club social on Jan 1 was a lot of fun and a great winter interlude.  The weather was mild and attracted a large group for outdoor activities.  Pond hockey, snow shoeing and cross country skiing was enjoyed by many people and the snow conditions were superb!  Barry Heal has a cross country track set (for cross country skiing) and provides a great trail system in the park and at other locations including Emerson Bridge park.  With the great snow this year take in these locations if you like to cross country ski.  Thanks Barry for providing these trails.  Please remember not to walk, snow shoe, drive, or skidoo over these track sets.  This years potluck supper was ravenously devoured and if you were late getting in line you may have missed out on some of the dishes.  Better be prepared next year.  We have a few pics on the website.

The social was also timely for hosting the club's first executive meeting for 2014.  Some dates were set for upcoming events and some projects were voted on for the year.  Early in December the laser racks were demolished and of course this was done after the lasers and the lockers were emptied out.  The lockers themselves provided for a great warm up fire for the pond hockey contingent.  If things work out this winter maybe the new racks will be in place for the start of this  year's season.

Earlier this fall an opportunity presented for getting the last of the necessary fill to finish the rough landscaping in the new area.  The first opportunity didn't work out all that well and had to be rectified before another opportunity to turned up.  Anyway the last of the fill material is in place and this spring season will see the area landscaping finished up.  This new area will be a great addition for setup space, boat racks, alternative launching location, access dock, etc.

At the bottom of this newsletter is a notice from Calgary Yacht Club (Chestermere) for a Jan 11 presentation by Larry Lemieux a well known Alberta sailor.  It will be a great event to attend.  

The Prairie Wind Regatta dates are July 12,13  2014.  The Beach Cat Regatta will not take place this year.  Catamarans will be a class or can compete in X-class at the Prairie Wind Regatta.  The spring clean up date is the last Saturday of April weather permitting (alternate bad weather date is the following or 1st Saturday of May).  Please note    The cleanup has been changed to May 3rd starting at 1 pm and continuing to 5 pm followed by a potluck supper  If weather forces a postponement the following Saturday May 10 be the cleanup date.

The highlights of the Exec meeting are as follows    

Minutes for;

Executive meeting Newell Sailing Club Jan 01/14.

Attending; Dave Mills, Don Snell, John Cormack, Paul Cooper, Susan Sonnie, Mike Sonnie, Larry Van Pypen.

Call to order 4:00 PM

Routine business

Agenda: Dave Mills presented

Business Arising.

1) Assign executive positions.

Dave Mills Commodore

Richard Braul Staff Captain

Paul Cooper Fleet Captain

John Cormack Treasurer

Larry Van Pypen Secretary

Susan Sonnie Social Director

        Vivian Neilsen     Director

Don Snell Past Commodore

2) Proposed Projects

A) New Junior Equipment Garage:

There is ~$4500 from the Casino slated for the Juniors. Project to build a garage for the Junior's  sailing equipment and sails. Proposed building to be 12' x16' x 9' high with a roll-up door  centred on one long side. Proposed budget $3500. 

Dave  Motion. Paul seconded. Motion carried.

Remaining $1000 to be used for small boat racks. Proposed square steel tubing and wood  supports. Proposed building 6 assemblies 5' wide x 7' long x 4' high to stack boats 3 high. Need  to get on this ASAP to be ready for spring.

Paul Motion. Larry seconded. Motion carried.

  1. B) Buying stove & fridge. Price from Tred Appliance is $1330. They would  deliver right to Sailing Club. Hold off purchase till Spring Cleanup to get most from warranty.
  1. C) Laptop purchase on hold. Check with Viv?

D) Spring Landscaping. There is about 50 yards of dirt to be spread in the Spring to fill in low  spots.

E) Boat sales. Try to sell old boats (Optis) for around $250 in the Spring.

John made motion to adjourn meeting. Dave seconded. Carried.