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Seven members attend SeaSpray Clinic Sept 12 and 13th

posted Sep 15, 2020, 7:28 AM by Commodore NSC

The North American SeaSpray regatta planned for Osoyoos Sailing club over the same weekend was recently cancelled due to the pandemic.  Since Newell Sailing Club members were not travelling for this event a club clinic for SeaSprays was held instead.  On Saturday, good Easterly winds blew nicely providing an uncommonly nice sailing location just North of the club.  General sailing in the morning over a lot of the lake was followed in the afternoon with four short course races.  It was a good chance to test a new set of sock sails made by Leitch and McBride of Victoria, BC.  North Sails have not been able to provide us with sail making services for the last couple of years.  The L & M sails proved up and will make a good alternative choice.  I am sure they will be able to make halyard sets as well.  They are a very nice black colored laminate sail best rolled for storage.  
Sunday came in a lot cooler but warmed gradually over the day.  The winds were a bit stronger than Saturday and with the much cooler temperature no one sailed.  Later in the afternoon conditions were good enough but things had generally wrapped up.  Some boat work, repair and enhance discussions and activity took place on Sunday.  Everyone was happy to attend this sailing activity and gain some beneficial experience and boat enhancement.

Windsurf get together Saturday Sept 5th

posted Aug 30, 2020, 6:27 PM by Web Master   [ updated Sep 5, 2020, 8:01 PM ]

Come out for an all day windsurf event at the club.  The season is starting to wind down so get out and enjoy the day.  Wind predicted.
The club's windsurfer will be available to use for members only.  If you are not a member that is ok to come and join in provided you bring your own equipment.

Bring your own food and beverages and practice safe health practices.

The day was warm and slight breezes allowed up to six windsurfers on the water at one time.  Although the winds were light there was a pretty good contingent of members enjoying the club.  A few sailors and kayakers showed up as well.  It was nice to see a fair bit of activity once again at the club this summer.  It looks like the weather will drop off a bit now but the temperature got up to around 30 degrees C today.  A fair bit of season is left so get out and enjoy what's left of a pretty good summer so far.

SeaSpray clinic set for September 12, 13th

posted Aug 20, 2020, 7:27 AM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 23, 2020, 9:23 AM ]

This will replace going to Osoyoos for the Canadian Nationals.  Here is another chance to get out and enjoy your boat over a full weekend.  Weather fall back date to the following weekend.  Our club has around 13 members with SeaSpray catamarans now.  Being easy to manhandle (with a launching dolly) has been one of the reasons the boat is popular at the club.  They are also easy to find used and usually for a reasonable price.  The boat does take work and money inputs to draw out it's potential however once finished it is a lively fun boat to sail.

Since travel restrictions have kept us close to home, get involved locally.  Lake Newell is an excellent lake to sail on.

New sail source discussion.  Since North Sails from Vancouver has not been able to supply new sails, Leitch and McBride from Victoria, BC has built a set of sock sails for our Sea Spray and likely will be very able to build halyard sails as well.  Once they prove out we will let you all know and hopefully we will have a great new source for new sails for the boat.  Another source for sails is Sailrite out of Indiana US.  You would have to build them yourself however.     

Seaspray Clinic weekend Aug 8 and 9th

posted Aug 8, 2020, 8:53 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 11, 2020, 10:11 AM ]

A nice turnout and lots of information exchanged and help with boat setups and repairs.  For many newer owners this has been a very helpful weekend.  On Saturday afternoon a half dozen short course races were completed.  On Friday night a general presentation and various topic discussion with Hamish Ferguson leading the talks helped to explain various on the water techniques in sailing a race course.  Safety and other topics were part of this Friday night open ended talk.  Saturday had the morning working on boats and help with setups and modifications.  Saturday afternoon highlighted 6 short course races aiming at improving your starting techniques.  Saturday night had a short after the days event talk.  A couple of pictures of the on the water starts shows a tighter group shortly after the start.  This fleet is improving!

Sunday update-After more work on repairs or upgrades a general discussion on capsize recovery.  Sailboat weight and the state of water tightness of the boat and mast affects ease of capsize recovery.  Capsize recovery technique was discussed.  Only two participants had not capsized their boats so far and after Sunday's strong winds one of the participants capsized and successfully recovered their boat in a timely fashion.  The club may plan another Sea Spray weekend in early September.  

The Osoyoos Sailing Club has cancelled their planned SeaSpray Canadian Nationals regatta planned for the weekend after the long September weekend due to the Covid 19 health crisis.

July 11 & 12 Sailing Weekend

posted Jul 14, 2020, 8:03 PM by Web Master   [ updated Jul 14, 2020, 8:05 PM ]

About 17 sailboats were on the water over the weekend.  This was an open club weekend and a few non members were on the club grounds for the weekend.  One Sol Cat and eight Seasprays from our club sailed over the weekend.  There were also a couple of Fireballs and about six Lasers all non members who chose to attend the open weekend.   The weather was perfect and the mosquitoes were mostly a no show which is good considering all the rain we have had.  It was an enjoyable weekend and out of the ordinary considering this was the regular weekend for the annual Prairie Wind Regatta.

It should be noted that the modified Prairie Wind was cancelled due to the virus concerns.    

Prairie Wind Regatta is on!

posted Jun 22, 2020, 8:40 AM by Web Master

Excerpt from Canadian Seaspray Newsletter

The Newell Sailing Club will host a very non-typical regatta at our regular time frame July 11 and 12th 2020.  It will still be called the "Prairie Wind" Regatta however it will be a "bring your own food and beverages" event. There will be some (possibly 10 or more) on site tent camping spaces available.  Hotels and other camping are available in the area as well as there may be space left in Kinbrook Island Campground as well.  You should contact John by phone (number on the notice of race located in files on the Regattas page) to let him know you will be attending so that we can follow government regulations in regards to our current viral situation.  At the moment the club hall and other buildings on the club's grounds will be off limits (this may be subject to change).  The park bathrooms will be available for public use.   The club will follow the current health regulations and expect members, competitors and guests to follow all mandated requirements. 

Seaspray activities at the club and new gate photo

posted Jun 15, 2020, 1:58 PM by Web Master   [ updated Jun 15, 2020, 1:58 PM ]

Due to "The Virus" non-essential travel to the US was banned.  June 12, 13 and 14th would have been the Seaspray North Americans at the Eureka, Oregon Yacht Club.  To somewhat makeup for missing this event (it was cancelled anyways) a few club Seasprays made it on the water at Newell during the week of June 8 to 12th.  John Cormack was also working on some gates.  These gates look good and serve a useful security purpose.   The last photo is one of Lake Newell's famous sunsets.  Thanks to Francis/Hamish Ferguson for the lovely photos.   

Seaspray Sailing Week! June 8 to June 12th

posted Jun 8, 2020, 6:59 AM by Web Master

Newell sailing club members who own and sail a Seaspray should make plans to sail their boats this week.  Weather forecasts look promising and the sailing season is on.  Prep your boat and yourself and remember to sail safe and when possible sail with other seaspray sailors.  Some morning, most afternoons and some evenings should have at least a couple of Seasprays on the water.  Hope to see you out.  

Use at your own risk!

posted Jun 7, 2020, 10:27 AM by Web Master

If you as a member feel it is necessary to access Newell Sailing Club buildings or equipment for your own purposes please sanitize whatever you touch before and after use.  

Virus Covid 19

posted Jun 7, 2020, 10:22 AM by Web Master

While we reopen the Newell Sailing Club, we need everyone's cooperation to ensure the safety of our members and to stop the spread of COVID -19. As government restrictions ease, changes will be made at the club as well.

  • Until further notice, all buildings at the club are closed, including the members shed and washrooms. With the requirements for frequent and enhanced cleaning of any communal spaces or high touch areas, having these open is not feasible in a volunteer run club. Washrooms will be open in the park.

  • The grounds are open but physical distancing of 2 meters between non-family members must be maintained.

  • Please use only your own equipment at this time.

  • Come prepared with your own water/ drinks, snacks/food, dishes and lawn chairs.

  • Carry your own hand sanitizer and use it before and after touching any common surfaces.

  • Pack out what you bring in (garbage and recyclables).

  • Follow all provincial guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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